Three Ways To Make The Most Of Your Advertising Budget When You Own A Small Grocery Store

Posted on: 19 June 2017

When you own a small grocery store, it is important to do everything in your power to get as many customers into your business as you can. A great way to boost business is to have an insert created by a design agency that you can put in your local paper. The guide below walks you through a few tips to use when you want to have an insert created, but do not want to spend a fortune on it.

Have the Ad Created in Black and White

When you have an ad printed, it is important to realize that the colors you use in the ad will impact how much it costs. To save as much money as you can, it is best to have the ad created using black and white ink. This ensures that everything is easy to see and read on the insert.

Make the Most of the Space in the Ad

When you have an insert created to put in the local paper, there will only be so much room on it. You need to be sure that you make the most of the space and include numerous items that are for sale in your market for that week. Since pictures take up a lot of space, try to limit the number of images you use when you have the ad designed. 

Add Coupons to the Ad

If you really want to get customers to come into your store, add coupons to the insert. Have them listed at the bottom and be sure to indicate if there is a limit per customer or per visit on the coupon. If you have a really good deal, someone could purchase multiple papers simply to get the great coupons you listed in them and then use all of the coupons for themselves. You want to get in numerous customers, not just one or two new people.

Take the time to look over the ad thoroughly before it is printed to make sure that it looks exactly the way you want it to look. Check for typos to make sure that there are no errors that need to be fixed before the ad is printed. Be sure to include the contact and location information for the store so that customers can easily contact your business and find it when they want to come shopping. You never know, by making these changes, you might be able to improve your business volume.